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    Short Films

    Made from 2009-2011 in New York City, all of these shorts were created as an independent labor of love. In addition, a somber profile of musician Sah ril from Newark, NJ is included, as well as a 60-second audiobook commercial.

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    Various photos, including some taken during a trip to India in 2008, a categorized portfolio, headshots, and photostream.

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    ELLA'S LAMENT [Trailer]

    Watch the trailer for our latest short film starring Anna Jaller, Danielle Janine Davis, and Jeff Zern. The film screened at The Queens World Film Festival (Mar 1-4, 2012), and at MOMA NYC's New Films/New Directors series in 2012.

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    NPNY: New Power New York

    The #1 rated - and the most listened to - Prince podcast in the World. In the latest episode of NPNY Radio, Derek Kelly, Amil Dave, Andrew Stanger, and Zaheer Ali revisit Prince’s pop classic double-album “1999.” Recent podcasts include a wrap-up of Prince’s “Welcome 2 America” New York shows in January and February.

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Official selection of the Queens World Film Festival 2012. // A year after being stunted by the untimely death of her father, Ella spends a night with her best friend, Aly, and while suffering from a sudden bout of amnesia, confronts a stranger to find her moment of catharsis. 2011. USA. Amil Dave. 21 min.


Grand Prize Winner: APA Get Caught Listening Viral Video Contest 2012. // J.J. comes home from a long day of work, only to hear the sounds of his wife cheating on him coming from the bedroom. An audiobook commercial for the APA (Audio Publisher's Association) "Get Caught Listening" viral video campaign. 2012. USA. Amil Dave. 60 sec.


Official selection of the Queens World Film Festival 2012. // Part dancer, part drug-dealer, Stephanie must juggle a client, a stranger, and her best friend, on the way to an inevitable showdown between her, a drug boss, and the mysterious thief threatening to derail her life. 2010. USA. Amil Dave. 19 min.